Atan cylinder repairs


Foreign bodies (i.e. screws, tools) in the cylinder, and storage accidents can damage cylinder surfaces. Normally this would require removal of the cylinder and repair at the manufacturer's works. Thanks to our unique high-tech methods we can reduce the repair bills with on-site repairs without removing the cylinders. This means there are no additional costs for dismantling, transport, and repair, hence also considerably reducing machine downtime. Furthermore we are the only company in Europe that carries out repairs using the welding and tampon electroplating methods.


A welding technician welds The damaged spot/s are welded and polished after applying a material identical to the cylinder's material to avoid separation. The welding seam is milled off and polished using a milling attachment patented by us.

Tampon Electroplating

The shape of the repaired spot is restored by galvanic application of precious metals (such as nickel, chrome, copper etc.) and usage of precision measurement devices, developed by us. Dimensional stability is restored as well. The result is permanent and almost undetectable to the eye.

the damage

copper is applicated

after the welding

repair finished





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